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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Casting Brief Q10: Any thing in the role, that might require a warning.

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Question 10: Any thing in the role, to be done, that might require a warning.

This is a very simple question, should be known when the script is read already, but if something is left to be written or there is doubt then this question should be asked.  The question would be will the individual role involve anything like Kissing / Nudity / Semi Nudity / Stunts / or some physical altercations like going completely bald in some scene etc. 

There are also simpler warnings which the casting director also needs to check, like the role may involve playing of a instrument or as simple as driving a car, or riding a bike, swimming, dancing, singing etc.. you do not know how many actors do not know how to do some of these things or they may just want to learn how to do some of these things so that it looks a lot more genuine when they play the role.

Again this knowledge helps in the actor deciding if they want to be part of this or not or if they need some clarification as to how far will a certain shot go etc. Like in cases where the look of the actor would change would be needed to know by people who are already working on other projects since a change in look would affect the continuity in the other places

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