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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Casting Brief Q9: Individual Character Brief

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Question 9: Individual Character Brief

This is a brief given by the director to the casting director about what they are looking for in each individual character. It is the directors perception of what they want the character to look like or act in a certain manner which would help to enhance  the character, this is what the casting director needs to pass on or get out of the actor at the audition.

Sometimes a the character brief is written down so that it can be be shared with the actor so that they can prepare themselves for the role. These are usually one page briefs and are not to be followed literately by the actors but the essence of the character is usually summed up in this brief. Briefing of characters in this manner is mostly done in feature films more than advertising. The reason for that is not always the entire set of people being casted will get to read the entire script and in order to understand the character this description is important. Usually first round of auditions happen only on the basis of one scene that has been given and to be fair to the actor it is important for the actor to know what the role includes.

The brief which like I said is a one page description, which in short says everything about the character like RAHUL (name of character) who is 28 yrs old, decent looking, coming from a lower middle class, has had to struggle for everything in life, right from education to even making friends, he is currently going through a tough time, having lost his job and his girlfriend having dumped him for a richer guy, he now stands at the bus stop where he has just seen a robber hide a bag full of money on the top of the roof, what does rahul do.. 
The scene given to the actor at the audition is the scene where Rahul is standing at the bus stop. This examples shows that the actor has been giving just enough to know how to play the part without revealing too much of the plot of the script. Some times the directors brief could be specifics like may be the character should try a lisp while talking, or a foreign accent, or something like a small limp while walking or even as simple as try the audition with and without specs.

It is not necessary to have a detailed brief for each of the characters to be cast, but helps in giving the casting director some direction to what the director is looking for. It is therefore important for the casting director to have read the entire script and know the story well, cause actors will have a few more questions about the character after reading the brief, of course the casting director has be careful while reveling information not to let out too much of the plot of the movie.

There are times when no brief is given as the director wants to see what the actor brings to the table, some of the most memorable characters we see on film are things that the actor would have brought to the audition sometimes even unknowingly.

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