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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hollywood Vs Bollywood

Check out this spoof video made, this was done for workshop organized by WIFT INDIA.

The Mayor's daughter has been kidnapped... The police have rounded up a few suspects.. watch on to see what happens...
Do leave your comments as to what you think of this...

A HollyBolly Mix

Rajnikanth Vs Superstar's

A special thanks to all who contributed towards making of this video.


Creative Supervisor:- Auggie
Concept - Ensia Mirza & Auggie
Writers:- Ensia Mirza & Auggie


   RAKSHA   as Vijay Ki Maa
   RAM         as Joker
   HARSH     as Gabbar
   YUSUF     as MIB agent
   SHRUTI    as Jadoo
   CHANDINI as Sheila
   DEV          as Thakur
   KINJAL     as Kill Bill
   DARSHAN as Don
   KALIDAS   as Rajnikanth

Producer:- WIFT
Production Team - Ensia, Hiren, Geeta & Darshan
DOP:- Hiren
Lights:- Monalisa Enterprise
Offline:- Auggie
Online:- Rohan Khokar
Music & Final Mix:- Melvin Saldanha

Voice Dubs for:-
Nirupa Roy:-
Joker:-  Auggie
Gabbar Singh, Thakur, Don:- Sanjay Keni
Will Smith:- Yusuf
Jadoo:-   Melvin Saldanha
Sheila Ki Jawani:- Frederica Flor
Kill Bill:-   Kinjal
Rajnikanth:-  Kalidas
Dubbing Studio:- Vikranth Digital Post (Shekhar)
Sound Recordist:- Pratik Pradhan

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