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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Casting Brief - Q3: Sex? - Male or Female OR...

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Question 3: Sex? - Male or Female, OR...

Now most people will wonder that it is obvious that male or female has already been answered while reading the script, so what is the reason I put the question OR?

While casting of a character where the actor is partially seen like has a mask on like a joker, or a burnt face or a face which is painted through the role, or a deformity, etc. Therefore in such cases, at the time of casting the actor should be informed of the requirement and then they can have a choice to give the audition or not.

Its not just masks and paints that hold onto this requirement if the character has to play a cross dresser, a eunuch or just a panzy. Again informing the actor of this at the audition helps them to decide if they are up to the challenge or this role does not suit them. It helps in reducing the no of people even before casting gets to the shortlist stage and thus saves everyone's time.

Lastly don't forget the OR? also stands for casting for stand-in's, duplicates, as well as for animals that are featured in the film. Yes casting of animals do happen. In case of stand in's the requirements would generally be same height, size, length of hair and sink color. In case of duplicates its the case of the closest looking to the person in question.

So while in most cases this question is not asked at all, there are times when this has to be asked.

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