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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Casting Brief Q11: Reference of Role

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Question 11: Is there any reference for the role from some previous character / actor?

This is a not so obvious question and not often does this one have a particular answer, a lot of directors would like their character to stand out by themselves and hope that the actor can bring about something to the role that would make the character stand out. However there are times when a director wants the actor to reference a particular actor or character from past work, it could just be a certain nuance from that character - the way that character walked or talked or if that character had a particular tic that made the role stand out. Also it need not be a reference from a previous film, the role could be inspired from an actual human being e.g -  a politician,  a school teacher, a sports personality, a local person, anyone for that matter.

TIP: Actors in feature films especially should add a very subtle tic to their role that makes them stand out. It could be like a facial expression like Heath Ledger as the Joker, watch in the montage below how he uses a lick lip in almost every scene (he had a lot more than just lip lick in that role)

Sometimes its inbuilt into the character like "My name is Bond..."

Or watch Shia LaBeouf, the way he says "No no no... in multiple movies

I personally prefer it when the actor keeps the tic to just one character but lots of times these are just personality traits to the actor himself.

To sum it up, a director might want the actor to reference a character for a particular style or tic that could make the character stand out a lot more than normal.

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