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Friday, September 7, 2012

Careers in filmmaking - Post Production

"We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!" - Gollum, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. (2002)

Career Choice – Post Production

Pre -Production not your cup of tea, so here are some of the things you could do in post production.


Post Production Supervisor Key link in coordinating the entire process from after shoot till the project ends. Does not need to know how to operate the various systems, but some amount of technical knowledge does help. Could be freelance or inhouse with either a production house or even a Post house.

Offline Editor – the person who cuts the rushes to a viewable sequence in accordance with the director’s vision. Could be freelance or associated with a post production studio.

Assistant Offline Editor – Assists the editor, main job role would be digitising the rushes, sorting it, sound syncing, making subclips  etc. Usually a trainee who wants to become a editor.

Online Editor – works on high resolution systems, not so much for cutting the film but used for compositing, tittling, cleanups etc. mostly is associated with a studio very rarely do u find freelance online editors. 

Colourist – sets the colour tone to the film. Is always associated with a Post Production House.

Machine Room Technician –  works in the machine room of a studio, is responsible for connections from offline, online rooms to recorders, players, hard disks etc.

Booking Manager – the person who manages the booking to all the rooms present at the post house, job done by more than one person at bigger studios.

Studio Manager – handles all the client and editor related complains or suggestions and making sure that work flows smoothly. Mainly like a P.R. role.

Visual effects supervisor  (Vfx) – Usually the head of the graphics department, or the person who is heading the project, could also be the expert on that particular job. Knows how to work the software mostly.

3D Graphic’s – person or a team of people who work on 3D graphic software's.

2D Grpahic’s – person or a team that works on 2D graphics, sometime the person knows both 2D and 3D. 

Music Director – the person who controls the direction of the music on all levels, not necessarily the composer of the piece.

Composer – the person who could use both instruments and software's to compose a music track, background score.  

Arranger – has to make sure that that every aspect of the music piece is well harmonized. Could work on a original or a existing piece of music. Sometimes the music director or the composer also play this role.

Sound Engineer – records voices at dubs, lays tracks from the music director, mixes it all down to a proper balance that is required.

Foley Artist - Creates sound effects that cant be captured during film making, sounds like footsteps, clothes rustling, door closing etc. its any sound that could be part of the scene.

Singer – Sings either the main voice or in a chorus.

Voice Over Artist (VO) – the person who dubs the voice either in place of the actor or the voice for the product window like in advertising. Short forms are MVO and FVO for male and female respectively.

Language Co-ordinator for VO – a person who co-ordinates and arranges for VO artists in different languages according to the requirement at the recording studios. Sometimes also arranges for a language supervisor.

Language Supervisor – Someone who supervises the language pronunciation, and also makes necessary to the translations if necessary. Sometimes the language script writer also doubles up as the supervisor.

Of course most of these titles have assistants to them. There are more jobs to post production, like a Promo Producer in a Television network or Publicist in a feature film. Still cant decided what to do then may be its journalism, advertising agency, channel etc is where you need to be.

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